Monday, October 15, 2007

'Unveiling the Sorceress' by Saskia Walker

ISBN: 0809557819
Format: Paperback, 224pp
Publisher: Juno Books
Price: $12.95

Unveiling the Sorceress, Saskia Walker’s second novel published by Juno Books, is lush and exotic. I was pulled into the story, unable to set the book down as the kingdoms of Aleem and Karseedia came to life on the page. With haunting imagery and strong characters the story is filled with intrigue and romance that blossoms on the page and captures the reader's attention.

Amshazar, a skilled magi favored by the gods, is sent by the Council of the Gods to the exotic lands to make sure that rumors of impending war that have been circulating do not come true. With Santo, a spirit guide that is more hindrance than help, Amashazar weaves his way into the court of Karseedia. He soon becomes an advisor to Hanrah, the next Emperor of Karseedia, if he can get out from under the thumb of Mehmet, his vicious mother.

Elishiba is the Empress of Aleem and is about to be married to Hanrah of Karseedia, to ensure that their two rival countries remain in the state of delicate peace. A strong-willed and determined woman, she also has the slumbering gift of sorcery in her veins. The gift is awakened when Amazhazar arrives in Aleem as part of the group that will escort Elishiba back to her new home. The two, though enemies, are soon drawn to each other.

Wanting to secure her people's safety, Elishiba travels to Karseedia. There she meets Hanrah, her husband to be, and Mehmet, her future mother-in-law. The first meeting does not go well, and soon we learn that Mehmet does not plan to let Elishiba live long past her marriage day. But Elishiba’s strong will and her magical talent, not to mention Amshazar himself, all play a part in making sure she comes out alive.

The supporting characters are just as finely drawn as the main characters: Kerr the Karseedia slave that is taken into Elishiba’s private household; the twins Elra and Amra, who welcome him with open arms; Hanrah and his evil mother; each is unique and holds a thread that weaves through this intricate tale of intrigue and magic.

If you are looking for a quick read that will carry you away to somewhere else, Saskia Walker will take you there with Unveiling the Sorceress.


Sevenine said...

As I said before, great review! Keep 'em coming!

Katie said...

Thanks Sevenine. I've got a lot I've got to get done too. :)

Sevenine said...

Same here, though I think you can beat me on that one. Plus I've got to do two quick write-ups for the newspaper...probably won't get much reading done today. :P

Katie said...

Good luck with your write-ups. I'm sure they will turn out well. :) I've got class tonight so my reading for tonight is shot... oh well. There is always tomorrow

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Gorgeous cover art.

Katie said...

The artist has been doing all of Juno's covers and each one is always so lovely. But this one is a favorite.

Tia said...

Aah. I knew it was a Juno book by its cover, alone. Nice review.

Katie said...

Thanks Tia :)

Saskia Walker said...

Katie, thank you so much for taking the time ro read and review my book. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Your review made my week. :)
best wishes

PS: I'm running a contest to win prints of the artwork, you can find details here:

Katie said...

Saskia, thank you for stopping by! :) I really enjoyed it.