Friday, September 21, 2007

Posts Worth Reading Today

Over at Blogcritics there are two reviews worth taking a look at. Jill Hart read and reviewed Just Jane- A Novel of Jane Austens Life by Nancy Moser. Then Gorden Hauptfleisch read and reviewed Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo.

Other places that have good posts today include Nothingman, although his is a post from Saturday it's still worth reading, Eyes of the Dodo.

Sevenine has a review up of Seeing Redd, the second book in The Looking Glass Wars.

And if you have never wandered over to The Trouble Clef today is the day to do so. Roo is such a great writer and at the moment he is covering some of his favorite bad music videos of all time.

SciFiChick has a review up of a science fiction novel called Ragamuffin, I have not read it myself but it does look good.

And if your still looking after that go here: Nouveaublogger, MiniJonB, Dingobear Photography, and PostSecret. All of these by the way are on the blogroll and there are many other sites and blogs worth checking out. Don't stop at the links above, go out and explore.


Sevenine said...

Thanks for the plug! You rock, Katie!

Katie said...

No problem :) Plus it's a good review so it should be read

Yoga Gal said...

They have made a film on the Jane Austen Book Club, think I got the title wrong, still plan to see it this weekend, is the book worth reading? Ms. Austen just captures my imagination! Is the bio good? Thanks for the 411!

Katie said...

Yoga Gal, you've got the title right for The Jane Austen Bookclub. The book was ok, decent characters, some sad and some happy. But even though Jane Austen was the basis for the book club in the novel there wasn't much about any of her work. It was disapointed by that. The movie should be pretty good though. It looks as if they included more Jane Austen stuff. If you see it you will have to tell me what you think. I haven't read the bio though but it did look good.

Nothingman said...


and Katie is the nice-est! :)

tank u!


Katie said...

LoL :) your welcome but it's such a great story I had to promote it! I loved it even if it was senseless violence.

dingobear said...

Thanks for the mention! You're awesome, Katie. ;-)

Katie said...

your welcome! :)