Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I read and reviewed Shoko Tendo's memior Yakuza Moon a few months ago. It is a book I still think about. I don't think that anyone, once they had read it, could forget it.

Yesterday I came across an article at entitled Gangter daughter sheds light on Japan underworld. The whole article isn't about Ms. Tendo but parts of an interview she gave is used for it. There is also a great shot of her gorgeous tattoo. It's worth taking a look just for that.


minijonb said...

wow. that is an amazing cover! i'd at least pick it up at a store and put it on a "to be read" list because of it.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

OT: I have 2 copies of Devil's Right Hand (3rd in the Dante Valentine series) sent to me by the publisher. Would you want one of them? Or do you already have it?

dingobear said...

Interesting link, Katie. And unbelievable tattoos on that young lady.